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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Dear God...

Like Celie in the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker (My Favourite Novel) I initially started my writings with Dear God......If you haven't read the book I highly suggest you do and watch movie The Color Purple staring Oprah Winfery (My Favourite film of all time).

 Whenever I write and start with Dear God letter I really feel at ease to pour my deepest feelings, hurts and pains onto the page. To some writing a letter to God may seem very formal in comparison to speaking out loud to God, however I found pouring everything on paper was easier. I felt more connected to the all knowing and all seeing higher entity whom I placed my trust so I just continued as it helped me.


Over time I have repeatedly written Dear God Letters and I saw that in doing so I was bringing myself closer to God through written word. I've learnt to expand my views and perceptions of God and religion as a whole and I've achieved spiritual growth in countless ways as a result (This is something  I will discuss in more depth in later posts).

Writing provides the psychological release I desperately need and desire on a day to day basis. Whenever I start writing I feel energized and feel alive from from the deepest core of my being. Through writing I have affirmed my identity and no longer feel lost in a empty void of 'who I am I? What is my purpose?' For me that's a sure sign I am doing something right for myself spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

 Writing has also helped me express my feelings before, during and after relationship breakdowns and has helped me navigate through depression and anxiety that otherwise could have led to a complete mental health breakdown. If I didn't have an outlet or way of releasing my psychological and emotional tensions I am sure I probably would of gone off my head luckily I haven't and I'm still sane. Writing has been my go to for self support and has ultimately saved me from drowning in a sea of muddled thought and emotions on countless occasions.

Through simply picking up a notepad and writing I  have learnt how to help and support myself in unimaginable ways.  I have learnt how to love myself unconditionally,I have learnt how to face my fears, I have learnt how to build up my confidence and, self esteem.

I have learnt how to be more productive in my daily life  and now it is my desire  to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate readers to utilize writing as a tool for self improvement inside and out.

Over time I have developed my writing skills and learnt useful journal writing techniques and I intend to share these techniques and useful writing tips in my posts.

Whenever you feel the urge to write things down I urge you to follow your gut and just do it. Sometimes you just need to relieve your brain of the truck load of thoughts that clutter the mind.

                                                                 Writing Challenge
Step 1: Think of a current situation that has been troubling you or bothering you.

Step 2: Grab yourself a notepad & pen

Step 3: Write Dear God....If your not religious or comfortable using the term 'GOD' feel free to replace the words GOD with another term if you want.

Dear Allah...
Dear Jehovah.....
Dear Universe...
Dear Inner Light...
Dear Self.....

Step 4: Without Censoring Yourself Describe The Situation or Concern that is bothering you like you would to a friend.
-Be clear and write down exactly why it's been bothering you.
-Explain exactly how the situation is making you feel?

Write as much as you can for as long as you can.

Thank You For Reading , God Bless and remember to #JustPickUpANotepad and #JustWrite  Xxx


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