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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Motivational Read 'Hustle Believe Recieve'

For helping me get to this point of actually publishing posts would like to personally  thank   Sarah Centrella for reminding me of what my dream is and has always been and encouraging me to believe I can actually do it.

 What I really like about this   book is that Sarah set the reader homework and you have to have a pen and paper at the ready to jot things down when asked. It's books like this I simply adore. The book offers really practically writing exercises. It was upon completing my first homework that I found myself inspired to create this blog as I had to write the details of what my dream is for myself and once I did everything became clear. I needed to pursue my dream.  Sarah provides writing prompts for you to write down you dream life in detail it is a really good exercise to gain clarity on what your dream life is. 

I have created the hastag #JustPickUpANotepad  and #JustWrite in the hope it will trend and prompt people to utilize writing as a tool. I want to write posts that help readers with their personal live's with a specific focus on achieving personal growth and spiritual mindfulness through the use of written words. 

No matter what the topic of my post I intend to demonstrate how writing about yourself and your life can create positive change inside and out. 

The fact that I have even created this blog this month is due to reading a book that has inspired me and sparked up my passion to write again as I had lost my enthusiasm to pursue writing the book I have long desired. It has been my dream since 2005 but  I have allowed other things to always draw me away from really working towards my dream.

 If your feeling demotivated, uninspired and lacking the motivation and passion to change your life, live the life of your dreams and take the necessary action to make that happen read this book #ReadWithMe  and share your views.


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