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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sleep Journal For Babies

My son turned 12wks today and it's been sleepless nights from the get go. 

The last three months have just been an endless routine of feeding, changing and sleeping. 

My life has literally been consumed with tending to my little cherub and tending to his every need. I'm just a baby slave at the moment.

 Everyday I fuss over him and even the slightest, mundane thing becomes a joyous moment to be filled with joy over from his first yawn, his first burp to his first smile.

The only downside is that continual sleepless nights have taken a toll on my brain and if asked what his routine is i.e his sleep and eating patterns (because that's mostly what babies do at this age) I honestly couldn't give an answer. Not accurately anyway. I'm not sure specifically how many Nappies a day I change, or how often I feed him on demand or even how many hours sleep he gets in one day. 

I'm with him 24/7 but I literally don't have a clue how often or how long he sleeps in a day. 
I think it's fair to say he manages to sleep little and often which is more than I can say for myself, but that's about it.

For any expectant mothers/parents out there I think the first 12 weeks are really the hardest. Sleep deprivation is at its peak during this time and babies tend to be feeding a lot more frequently at this age whether they are bottle fed or breastfed this stage is really demanding.

However if you had a sleep journal you could record sleep times and feedtimes and then establish babies general routine and use it to your benefit.

I stumbled across the cutest sleep journal for babies upto 12wks and I now wish I would have logged his sleep patterns from birth. If I had I would be able to tell you what his daily sleep patterns are and, maybe even try get a little bit of a routine going on a round here. 

If I knew the times when he'll most likely be sleeping it would allow me to potentially  work around those times. In my ideal world the times he's sleeping I could possibly get some exercise in or write a blogpost or something. One can only dream at this point I guess. 

Even though I haven't been logging the first three months, Moving forwards I will be.
 Just so I know where I'm at in terms of the 'best times' to get ish done.

Little and sleepy have designed the cutest black and white sleep journal which can come on its own or  part of a gift set for new mums.  Packed full of amazing sleep tips from real Mums, lots of bold black and white pattern pages for baby and plenty of space to record all the sleep times, feed times and fun times.

Photo Credit:  @littleandsleepy

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