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Friday, 27 April 2018

Guided Journal Printable's

As a Journal Mentor I often hear people say,

   'I Love Journalling but I just don’t have the time to stick to it” 
“I Need this in my life! Every time I start journaling I get too busy and it doesn't last.”

Does this sound familiar? Can you relate?

Making the time journal is a struggle for many, yet journalling need not require you to write tons and tons or take an extremely long time either.

 Over the years my methods and style of journalling changes and it continues to evolve.
The tools I use to help me journal adapts according to my needs, the amount of time I take to journal changes with the ebb and flow of my life.

Thats why as journal mentor I can assure you...there are no rules to journalling, your journalling style, technique and methods will shift and change depending on whats happening in your life and thats ok!

 Finding ways to journal in way that works for YOU, that's what matters.

If you love journalling but you don't have the luxury of time and your struggling to fit journal time into your daily schedule, make the commitment today to just journal for 10mins a day. 

I mean we all have at least 10mins a day to take out for ourselves, right?

I've found Journal printable's are a great way to make the process of journalling easier.

I was simply amazed and wowed when I discovered Christie Zimmerman designer of guided journals,10 min Journal Printable’s. They are so vibrant, colourful and bright.

They are guaranteed to make journalling in them for 10mins an enjoyable experience. 

Christie has made these amazing Journal Pages with all kinds of journal prompts, quotes, hand-drawn doodles, etc.

I came across Christie on Pinterest and immediately loved her work and knew I wanted to share her with others.

Christie has oodles of talent and shares her printable journal Templates as part of her Monday series over at Patreon, where you can journal with her and support her work all at the same time. 

Her Instagram profile is called @guidedjournaler. The link to her Patreon page is on her profile.

Access Christie Zimmer Printable's
Christies printable's are just a few dollars per set on her Easy store. 

Money well spent for her creativity if you ask me! Do you agree?

Below you'll also find links to additional collections of her journal printables over at her previous website Adventures in Guided Journaling.

 I am so pleased I found Christie and can share her work with you all. 

I have so much fun scrolling through Pinterest finding new inspiration for journalling. 
I always find and discover so many amazing journal ideas to re pin onto my boards.

 I pinned Christie's printable's to my  “10min Journal Printable’s” board. A board that has journal printable's from a variety of sources.

If you love journalling, if you love using pinterest then I have you covered as I have a wide variety of boards that provide journalling prompts and tips. 

Whether you wish to journal for self discovery purposes or to improve your mental health and well being. There's bound to be at least one board that will have the perfect prompt you've been looking for. So Check it out, the links below!

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