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Sunday, 1 April 2018

March Progress + April Goals

March has been a month of learning to take little steps forward in creating more consistency in my life and cultivating more of what truly matters to me in my everyday routines.
Here’s a recap of my March progress and what I learned:
March Monthly Goals:
— First things first. My top priority for March was to develop good habits, rituals and routines that will give my life structure and enable me to cultivate the kind of consistency in my life I desperately seek and desire. To help me achieve the daily structure I desire I have been using Lara Cassey's Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets and Danielle La Porte's  Desire Map Weekly Planner from the start of the year. 
This double duo has proven to be very powerful writing tools that have kept me focused on;

  1. What I will do to feel the way I want to feel by focusing on what my core desired feelings are ON A DAILY BASIS. The desire map system puts your soul on agenda-feelings first then strategy. With soul prompts you can answer with one word or margins you can fill up with detailed responses. It serves as daily reminder that I can create a life that feels amazing-the way I want it to feel. After all I am the author of my own story. I can create how I want to feel easily and effortlessly if I take the time and so can you.
  2. The Strategy To Achieve Goals That Matter- I am tiered of living by accident and tiered of making goals with no pathway to achieve them. Through the use of  power sheets I've been able to make powerful meaningful goals and simplify them so I take action. Through the process of self assessment exercises  I identified what mattered and now I can make a clear meaningful path towards them..
The bonus of using both these tools has given me an opportunity to do what I love, I get to WRITE. 
I sit down with myself daily to not only plan my days ahead but check and review how I am feeling and how I am progressing with my goals in a meaningful soul centered manner. Both are deserving of a blogpost entirely dedicated to them, explaining how useful and beneficial they have both served over time. Another blogpost, another day...Onwards with my March Goals

Cultivate What Matters Powersheets & The Desire Map Planner

Online Launch— So far I have launched my own Facebook group,  started doing weekly Facebook Live sessions every Wednesday and Friday at 8pm GMTI also started my own podcast, as a journal writing mentor I share my own growth journey and talk about everyday things I am going through from building my brand to finding that balance in life we all desperately seek in some shape or form, You can have a listen here

 Work On Developing My Brand- Becoming CLEAR on what my brand represents, who its for, who it will benefit, who it will help is something I am continually working on. But enjoying the process will be my main point of focus.
Spending Quality Time With My Daughter- with the birth of a new baby in October 2017 my time has been consumed focusing in on him and my relationship with my daughter has taken a bit of back seat.She turns 11years next month and she will be starting high school in September. This month I didn't get to spend as much solo time with her as I would have wanted but an effort to ensure daily conversation and maintaining communication is a continual work in progress. There is so much I want my daughter to know, from pregnancy I have wrote letters to her in an effort to pass down much needed wisdom and information I feel she should know, but now she's at an age where we can have some mature meaningful conversations.

 Arrange Social Visits With Friends and Family- very often life can get so busy you fail to connect with your nearest and dearest. This month I wanted to make special effort to connect. I made meaningful connections with family and friends for which I am grateful.

 Consistent Blog Posts- I've had this blog for some time and my down fall has been lack of consistent blogging. From January I have been blogging more regular and this month I produced two new posts for the month.

 Last but not least Writing A Letter to God to express gratitude for this months blessings. I strongly believe a grateful heart attracts more blessings and I am fond of communicating with God through writing as it feels more personal. For some writing a letter to God may appear formal but for me its the complete opposite is way more personal. I wrote a thank you letter and it felt good!
Weekly Goals:
— Facebook Live x2 Week- This month I successfully completed Tiffany Lee Bymaster aka Coach Glitter Five Day Challenge. This was really useful in getting me to be more confident, comfortable and organized when I use Facebook LIVE as a platform to reach my audience. Unfortunately I missed two Friday sessions on account of having flu, but for someone who scarcely uses snapchat, has never done a live instagram story and is totally new to using Facebook live, I HAVE DONE EXTREMELY WELL.

— Weekend Fun- Time is precious and making the most of the weekends is really important to me.  The plan is every weekend as a family we do something fun, indoors or outdoors. FUN is the objective. Taking the kiddies Trampolining this month was great. On account of the entire household coming down with Flu weekend fun was replaced with weekend rest by end of the month.

Jump Ninja Trampoline Park
— Squat Challenge x3 week- This did not happen. Plain and simple. I didn't even attempt to work out this month despite the fact that it was listed as a goal I didn't act on it.In terms of my list of priorities this month I did not make this a priority. Even though it is a goal I want to achieve, the most amount of activity I have done is walking. Having a fitter post baby body is important to me, but I allowed this goal to take a back seat this month. I am going to go back over my power sheets and remind myself why this goal is important to me in order to see whether it will factor as a major priority next month or whether something else should replace it until I am truly motivated to get up and do what is necessary to get my body fit and healthy.

— Cleaning Schedule- As I didn't have a rota written up this goal fell flat on its face.  Note to self, don't set goals you haven't adequately planned or prepared for. Instead of having a rota of jobs to do our household has gotten by on the motto 'If you see it needs doing then do it.' I'm mainly the one who see's it needs doing and does it. I pretty much had a melt down over the laundry build up which seems to be a never ending story in our house. This month I've learnt to just ask for more help when needed. I've learnt as the woman of the household it doesn't have to mean I do everything, I can delegate and ask for tasks to be done that I don't have the time for.

— Couple Time- First Two weeks of month I made this goal priority and by end of the month I realized how much shit can slide when you don't make it a priority. As individuals and, as a couple we've come a mighty long way over the 15 years we've been together. Fresh challenges always await and since the birth of my son in October we've been adapting to being parents of not one child but two. Two children. The difference and leap between being a parent to one and now two feels huge. The baby is more demanding than the first one ever was. Making time separate from the children as individuals and as a couple has also been challenging. Our last date together, just us two was in February. Definitely going to be an April Goal thats for sure.
Cultivate What Matters
Through reading this book I've learnt that Maybe fast isn’t the goal.
Maybe cultivating an intentional life means aiming for what happens over time—like the richness of relationships—rather than getting to the finish line.
When something matters to you, you don’t focus on how slow the journey is to get there; you keep moving forward because the path forward is worth it.
The world says do more, grow fast, be big, use these tricks, analyze, do it like those people, get ahead. But that’s not how good things take root.
Maybe, despite what everyone tells you, slow is richer than fast.
Maybe a slower pace will help your roots stretch deep and wide.
It’s okay to grow slow.
Reading With My Lion Cub

Daily Goals:
— Walk The Dog- I've had a dog for the past three years but over this time not enough time has been put into training him and Creating a regular daily routine. During spring and summer he gets regular trips to the park as the weather is favorable but over the duration of winter and throughout my pregnancy, things well kind of slipped. Ideally he should be getting walked twice a day. This month I managed to walk him once or twice a week and then my daughter would come home and walk him after school. Between us both we've made progress. This is a daily goal I will continue to have for next month until I finally get to the point where walking him twice a day is a regular, natural routine for us all.

— Check Tending List- To keep me on track with developing new healthy routines I placed checking my tending list as a daily goal. I found when I checked the list daily it kept me on track with all my other goals. When I didn't check I fell off a little.

— Daily Planner Check- This was my most consistent achieved goal this month, mainly because I enjoy sitting down and writing. Sometimes I don't even know what I think until I write it down so writing is an intrinsic need for me.  Plus as mentioned my desire map planner is a planner with soul. The daily writing prompts brings me into attention to myself. Everyday gives me opportunities to focus in on my core desired feelings. Everyday I get to plan what I will do to feel the way I want to feel. Everyday provides prompts that get me to go off on a writing tangent. Mid month I attached my power sheets tending list to my planner so I could cross reference the two at the same time. Together the two have been a powerful personal development duo for me.

—Mother:Daughter Conversation Time- Dec 2017 I bought my daughter some mindful cards for teens to place in her Christmas Eve Box. The cards are split into categories to build self esteem, and create general mindfulness I thought it would be great tool to use as conversation starters to cultivate mindfulness with her. We did a few. she doesn't seem keen on them to be fair so we'll just watch The Real Talk show to stimulate girly focused conversation. She's a super fan, we both are. One day we plan to go to America and be part of the audience :)

— Social Media Posting- I am currently getting use to using social media beyond personal use.
 I manage not only my personal accounts but a Just Pick Up A Notepad Instagram page, Just Pick Up A Notepad Facebook Like Page and The Just Pick Up A Notepad Facebook Group ( They all provide daily writing prompts, motivation and inspiration in regards to maintaining a journal journey to self and cultivating personal development. Ensuring I am visible and consistently posting across these platforms is something I am working on daily until it becomes an effortless natural habit.
Join Group
On to April Goals!
April Monthly Goals:
— Pray + Praise! These two things keep me on track for the rest of life! I marked this as my top priority for April with one of my favorite Carpe Diem stickers.
— Write an about page on my website
 Get my head around convert kit
Treat myself to day off on my own child free- Long overdue spa break rebooked yippee!

— Couple Time- Date Night or Date Day whatever as long as it's without children.
Use purchased groupon vouchers- I purchase groupon vouchers ahead of time to use towards my goal of having weekend fun, mother daughter time and couple time. This month I have a shakes and burger date to use over half term and a Mother/Daughter photoshoot voucher to use.
Weekly goals:
Strength training Squat Challenge 3x/week
— Weekend Re-creation / Weekend Fun Goal

Set Working Days/Hours to focus on my dreams
— Set Aside undisturbed Mother/Daughter time
Daily goals:
— Walk The Dog
— Kiss My Partner - TLC even if in the smallest of gestures creates intimacy
— Check Planner /Tending List- Keep On Track
 Read Daily- Currently reading "Big Magic'  Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Are You Ready to dig into April? 

Writing Challenge 

Do you have any goals for April? What are you cultivating this new month?

Write down what monthly, weekly and daily goals you would set yourself for April.
#JustWrite #JustPickUpANotepad


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