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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Affirmations For Writers

I regard myself as a mindful person as I like to pay attention to my thoughts and the things I think about. 

I truly believe in the power of thoughts and believe we can change our lives with our thoughts.  

 To help train my brain to think more positively in order to manifest the kind of life I desire I use affirmations.

 Affirmations are simply positive phrases intended to help clear your mind of negative thought chatter and by repeating these phrases to yourself out loud, affirmations are intended to create this belief in your conscious mind for example;

The theory behind affirmations is basically what you think you can create. So you can manifest the same positive energy from your affirmations into into your life. Whether you believe this to be true or not is for you to decide but in my view anything that encourages a more positive mindset is worth a try.

How To WRITE Affirmations
 In order for an affirmation to be effective and actually create change in your conscious mind how it is written is absolutely crucial. Affirmations must be written in the first person, in the present tense and state a goal or a truth that you want to impress upon your mind. 
'The act of writing them down and seeing them in print will help solidify them in your mind'- Writer's Relief.

Overall  affirmations are meant to encourage you to think and experience a life filled with positivity and gratitude. This is the most effective method of using affirmations is basically repeat, repeat, repeat.  In order for the affirmations you use to to be incorporated into your psyche they need to be practiced routinely and repeated on a daily basis.

 The use of affirmations can be an ongoing life practice to help you achieve certain goals and set new goals. For example lets say through the use of positive affirmations you manifested your dream job. Once you have achieved that goal you should consider new affirmations you can use to bring you closer to new goals you set yourself.  

 'For writers, affirmations are a great tool to use to improve creativity and maintain a positive frame of mind when writing.  Some writers use brief quotes from authors who inspire them, while others use highly specific mantras to help encourage them to write'- Writers Relief.  

 As a writer I am currently writing affirmations that will encourage and prompt me to start writing. My two favorite affirmations that I am focusing upon are; 

 "I can be a successful writer " And  "I am writing my own destiny"

Writing Challenge
 What kind of affirmation would you use to encourage yourself to pick up a pen and #justwrite ? 

Write down the affirmation you feel would help and encourage you in the comment box below.

Thank You for reading, God  Bless and remember to #JustPickUpANotepad and #JustWrite xxx
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