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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Leo Full Moon 31/01/18

Today's full moon lands in the wonderful fiery sign of Leo!! 

Full Moon phases generally represent completion and are all about fulfilment and just as the Moon reaches her peak, so to can our visions and manifestations.

Today we have not just a Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse as well which will amplify the energy we would normally experience during this phase. 

Eclipses are about big changes and often signal endings as well as new beginnings, which makes them a great time to simultaneously release and manifest in a big way. 

This full moon is happening in the firey sign of Leo, which is all about our true identity, creativity and self-expression. 
Leo is also the sign of love and passion (for both life and others) and our need to live life to the fullest will probably feel very strong. Under this energy we are very likely to want to step up and be the person we are meant to be. 

The question is can we find courageous side of Leo enough to step into our true fullness. 

Writing Challenge 

Where are you not honouring your own needs? 

Where are you not showing up as your true authentic self? 

Are you following your heart enough or are you mainly being led by logic? 

Could you be more courageous or is there more of a need to think things through before pouncing into action? 

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Handwriting vs Digital Typing

Does writing digitally have the same effect as hand writing?

A study on the effect of handwritten notes vs digital notes found students who take handwritten notes with pen and paper learn better than those using a keyboard. 

The reason for this is that Handwriting is "tactile” or “kinesthetic” learning in action. Meaning the physically active process of taking handwritten notes means your more likely to remember information well. 

This is not the only advantages of handwriting, other advantages include:

(1) Therapeutic Benefits

Writing by hand eases depression and anxiety. Writing by hand, particularly if cursive as it is rhythmic, so it helps your erratic thoughts get into a calming flow.

(2)Helps Process problems

Since we connect to words more when we write them out, we can process a problem more easily when we put it to paper.

As a student I always made handwritten notes in class as I felt I retained the information better this way. But I then had to transcribe my notes into digital format for my assignments which was time consuming. 

I love handwriting, I really do, but sometimes it just isn't the best method of writing for me all the time. I find handwriting my thoughts to be a lot more quicker than typing digitally. Mainly because I'm not the greatest at touch typing, so it takes me some time to type the simplist of things. That being said, I love the freedom and flexibility digital writing provides me. For example: There is no way I could possibly have this blog if it was handwritten. Even though I adore handwriting, digital notes have four main advantages over written notes:

(1) Convenience  

It's way quicker to record and save information digitally. Digital notes also eliminate the hassle of storing and keeping paper notes—plus it's much harder to lose a laptop than a notebook (Not impossible, but harder)

(2) Legibility

Maybe this isn’t a problem for you but for some people handwritten notes just prove far to difficult to read. I have a colleague who writes notes and when she goes back over them she can't read what she wrote, even though she wrote it. 

(3) Share ability 

It’s far easier to share your notes when it's in digital format. 

(4) Edit-ability

Its far easier to edit in digital format. Plus it looks more presentable than crossing out or using Tipp-Ex.I'm fairly new to this blogging mallark and I can not even count how often I draft a post, publish it, then go back and re edit it for one reason or another. So the edit ability of digital, typed up notes is a major bonus for me. For this reason alone it makes me feel nothing is ever set in stone when you type. Whereas when handwriting writing everything you put down on paper feels more permanent. The very fact that you can touch it and see it some how makes what you've been written become moe tangible. As Erykah Badu would say "Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real."I couldn't agree more, once it hits the paper, it somehow becomes real. Which is positive when manifesting but not so great when you've made loads of spelling mistakes and typos and you've published what you've written to the public.

Ultimately which is the best form of writing method depends very much on preference and the purpose of your writing. 

I alternate between the two when necessary. But I really can't decide which I prefer best. I love handwriting when I am learning new information but I prefer digital notes for when I want to share information.

I love the rhythm of handwriting and how I can be creative with my handwriting style. 

But then with digital notes I get to extend, edit and expand upon my written thoughts so much more easily.

Which do you prefer, handwriting or digital notes?

Writing Challenge

Using the writing method you prefer, reflect and write down what you feel are the greatest benefits you personally gain from writing.

 Free Write as much as you possible can.

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Photo Credit: Olivia Nicole Silk @lustliving

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sleep Journal For Babies

My son turned 12wks today and it's been sleepless nights from the get go. 

The last three months have just been an endless routine of feeding, changing and sleeping. 

My life has literally been consumed with tending to my little cherub and tending to his every need. I'm just a baby slave at the moment.

 Everyday I fuss over him and even the slightest, mundane thing becomes a joyous moment to be filled with joy over from his first yawn, his first burp to his first smile.

The only downside is that continual sleepless nights have taken a toll on my brain and if asked what his routine is i.e his sleep and eating patterns (because that's mostly what babies do at this age) I honestly couldn't give an answer. Not accurately anyway. I'm not sure specifically how many Nappies a day I change, or how often I feed him on demand or even how many hours sleep he gets in one day. 

I'm with him 24/7 but I literally don't have a clue how often or how long he sleeps in a day. 
I think it's fair to say he manages to sleep little and often which is more than I can say for myself, but that's about it.

For any expectant mothers/parents out there I think the first 12 weeks are really the hardest. Sleep deprivation is at its peak during this time and babies tend to be feeding a lot more frequently at this age whether they are bottle fed or breastfed this stage is really demanding.

However if you had a sleep journal you could record sleep times and feedtimes and then establish babies general routine and use it to your benefit.

I stumbled across the cutest sleep journal for babies upto 12wks and I now wish I would have logged his sleep patterns from birth. If I had I would be able to tell you what his daily sleep patterns are and, maybe even try get a little bit of a routine going on a round here. 

If I knew the times when he'll most likely be sleeping it would allow me to potentially  work around those times. In my ideal world the times he's sleeping I could possibly get some exercise in or write a blogpost or something. One can only dream at this point I guess. 

Even though I haven't been logging the first three months, Moving forwards I will be.
 Just so I know where I'm at in terms of the 'best times' to get ish done.

Little and sleepy have designed the cutest black and white sleep journal which can come on its own or  part of a gift set for new mums.  Packed full of amazing sleep tips from real Mums, lots of bold black and white pattern pages for baby and plenty of space to record all the sleep times, feed times and fun times.

Photo Credit:  @littleandsleepy

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Gratitude For Earth Angels

Keeping a gratitude diary has so many benefits for your overall wellbeing. 
Health benefits include lowered stress levels. That's why I am so enthusiastic about keeping a gratitude journal.

Today I am VERY THANKFUL for the fact that my baby boy is growing healthily  despite repeated GP and hospital visits regarding his breathing issues and numerous skin rashes. Neither of which I am going to stress myself out about or worry over anymore.

Instead I hold him close and whisper blessings over his life. Watch him sleep and smile as he wakes. Now he's getting more vocal, I speak his baby language and we have wordless conversations.

My lil chubba bubba is all cheeks and rolls. He's had my heart from his first breath.  
As family we are happily consumed, tiered often, but completely in love and in awe. We Lavish him with our love. Lay it on thick. Kiss his sweet cheeks, tickle his tiny toes and I am eternally grateful, thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

Allowing myself to take the time to reflect on how truly grateful and thankful I am has opened my eyes to the fact that In loving our babies deeply, they’re actually teaching us. 

The love we have for them, give us a glimpse of the love God has for us. 

All consuming. Never-ending and Unconditional. 

In loving your precious gift, you are given even more – the chance to love and be loved, to taste and see how you are loved and to offer such love in return.

Oh the joys of parenting. I am blessed and fortunate enough to be and say I am a mother of two. I have two Earth Angels to love and take care of and I wouldn't choose to have it any other way.
Writing Challenge 
What are you thankful for today and why? 
#justwrite #justpickupanotepad 

Feel free to comment if you have anything that you'd like to share that you're grateful for today?


Saturday, 6 January 2018

New Year New Beginning

There are certain days where our visions and dreams are extra supported by the universe, especially around the new moons and solar eclipses. 

January 1 2018 we had our first full moon, which for this year was a Wolfe moon in Cancer.

What does this mean?

January 2018's wolf moon is going to create ideal conditions for you to start working on your New Year's resolutions. 
The full moon that will rise on Jan. 1 will be in Cancer, which means that it will create especially fertile and emotional conditions. 
Full moons are generally thought to be ideal times for letting go of things — According to New York based astrologer Lisa Stardust, "This full moon focuses on the balance between work and home, while asking us to assess what relationships make us feel safe and secure," 

You might wake up on Jan. 1 with an idea of what you'd like to accomplish in the new year, but the full moon rising might encourage you to make adjustments to those goals, let go of outdated visions which no longer suit you or to think more generally about what you'd like to achieve over the next 12 months.

Overall, the fresh start of January month is the absolute best time you’ll have all year to do whatever it is that you want or need to do for you.

Now is the time to take advantage of the next few weeks and implement some good new habits because they can only further help to recharge your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Take advantage of this positive opportunity before it passes you by. So get clear, get focused and write it all down.

Writing Challenge 
Write down your intentions for your close future and what you want to experience in your physical reality of work, home, abundance and health. 

Focus on your wants, needs, and desires.

What do you want to manifest?

 Whatever it may be just write it down if you plan on getting married or engaged, are undergoing a major surgery, expecting a new baby, starting a new business, making a big decision, retiring, moving to a new city, or undertaking anything else that could be considered a major milestone or life event.

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