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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Automatic Free Flow Writing.

When you apply automatic free flow writing to your journalling practice it’s about Tapping into your intuition and Streaming Conciseness through the process of journaling. 

Recently I’ve been reading Awaken Your Indigo Power: Harness Your Passion, Fulfil Your Purpose and Activate Your Innate Spiritual Gifts by Doreen Virtue and her Indigo Son Charles Virtue. The book is very much about encouraging people to Superpower their life by hearing, speaking, and living in their inner  authentic truth and living with purpose.

My greatest take away from this book to share was On pg.10 where Charles Virtue talks about how to discover your life purpose and stated that ‘One method that a lot of Indigos have great success with is automatic writing.’ When I read this I was delighted, as an indigo Child myself I have had great success with using the method of automatic writing.  Primarily because it’s about getting in touch with your intuitive super powers and revealing your innate spiritual gifts and purpose.

We all have a purpose, we all have something to offer, we are here for a reason so in times when your not entirely clear on what that reason is, what your purpose is or what direction you should be heading now. Automatic, free flow writing is a great journalling technique

If you don’t know what Indigo Child means Read Awaken Your Indigo Power: Harness Your Passion, Fulfil Your Purpose and Activate Your Innate Spiritual Gifts Doreen and Charles discuss how the new energy that the Indigos have brought to our planet enables us to heal physically and emotionally at a faster rate. Whether you’re an Indigo yourself or a parent or caretaker of one, this book will usher into your life new levels of understanding, peace, and purpose.

They explain the Indigo purpose of bringing truth and integrity to our planet, and show how this new energy is beneficial to us all.

Through reading this book You will learn how to:
· Harness the Indigo intensity for positive healing purposes
· Overcome fears related to leadership and being authentic
· Superpower your life by hearing, speaking, and living your inner truth.

Whats This Method Good For:

If you want to discover your own inner truth, this method is for you.

The process of automatic, free flow writing is an intuitive exercise of letting yourself flow into the stream of your own consciousness. Basically you are able to discover all that is hidden within yourself and bring it to the surface onto the page. This is a really great method to use if you've been feeling that something is holding you back, something which you just can't see or put your finger on, but it leaves you with a deep sense and knowing that it is almost within reach. 

This method is good for self discovery purposes. Especially when you feel you are not living with purpose or living in a way where you are utilizing your full potential. This method will help you in discovering what your innate super powers and gifts are and you'll gain clarity on what your purpose is and what special gift you have to offer the world.

Here’s how to do it:

(1) Grab a pen and piece of paper, or you can even do this at your computer or within notes on your phone. 

It really doesn’t matter whether it is electronic or physical. I have tried using both method and they both work well.

With a blank page/document in front of you, write down the first thing that comes to you.

(2) Enter this process with the knowledge that the universe has your back, have faith the universe will provide a stream of conscious thought to you through you. Trust and believe in the process, that this process will provide you with the answers you seek. Charles Virtue encourages this method be used when you find yourself wondering, What am I supposed to do with my life! What am I supposed to do in this world? 

Here’s an ecsript from the book ‘Awaken Your Indigo Power’ where Charles Virtue beautifully describes how this method is about centring yourself, taking a deep breath and mindfully entering into the process.

pg10 Awaken Your Indigo Power
Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.

Based on my own experience I have found If you use this method consistently.The answers will flow through to you and you will be able to gain clarity on the questions you ask. If you put regular effort into channelling these messages through you are going to find an answer. 

Tips when using this method: 

You Gotta Have Faith

Your body, your energy, your heart, your soul,  knows why you came here, knows what purpose you have, knows what gift only you have that you came to offer the world.

Step Two of this process relies on having faith and belief. belief that all the answers you seek are within and  faith and belief that God, the universe, source however you wish to term this. ALL the unknown entities around us who support us and love us,our spiritual counsel will assist in revealing to us what we need to know.

-Keep a journal/record of what comes through.
Keep a record  of all your automatic writing, streaming sessions. Whether that be on paper or an electronic document. After a couple of weeks or even a few months read through the notes and look for consistencies. Analyze if there're common theme's in what has been written.

-Brain dump without censor. 
Don’t overthink this process just allow yourself to write free flow. 

-Just Keep Writing
If your trying this method by hand, even if your writing suddenly because cursive, un-readable and messy, just keep writing. Even if it feels your writing a whole heap of gibberish that doesn’t make sense, just keep writing. Even if your sentence structures are totally out of whack, just keep writing.Don’t have the expectation that your words or sentences have to make sense. They don’t!

-Give yourself TIME to express yourself within the pages of your journal/notepad. If that means setting a timer for 5-10mins to just fee flow do so.

-Quiet Space
Make sure when you do this you have a quiet space with no distractions.

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