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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Writing Is A Spiritual Practice

For this I am grateful,  all the amazing abundance of cultures and spiritual based customs the world has to offer us just waiting to be tapped into. 

My message today is keep an open mind along your wonderful spiritual journey. Spiritual awakening is the most celestial and enlightening experience, truly unexplainable as everyone's journey is different and no two are alike. 

The term spirituality is extremely broad because of of this. We all have a personal take on what we mean by terms like ‘spiritual’ ‘spirituality’ and ‘spiritualism’.

When I refer to writing as a spiritual practice, I simple mean writing is a tool and a vehicle for me to channel and get to a place of deep internal peace, love, satisfaction and extreme positivity. When writing I have managed to go places within and feel feelings I can only describe as TRANCENDENT because after I finished writing, after the process of writing and reading what I had written, I felt feelings that took me out of the range of norm for me.

Writing for me is a spiritual practice and I call it a practice because it requires practice it something I have to do and apply myself doing everyday. Whether it’s a sentence, paragraph or page i encourage myself to Just Pick Up A Notepad and Write. This is something I am advocating for via this blog, my Facebook group and on other social media platforms such as my Instagram page.

When asked am I a religious person I often say No, I am spiritual person. Mostly because their are a lot of stereotypes regarding those who religious and the fact I am actually multi religious. Meaning I believe a lot of things to be true and worth following or at very least admiring within a variety of different religions.

‘Religion is one body’

I view all religions as connected just like how our body is one body with different organs and limbs. So is religion in my view, the way I see it religion is one body.

For example we have one body but a variety of unique body parts and all serve a different purpose but when they work together it makes the whole that we are. The same with religion.

I believe there is no right or wrong in religion, no this is the path and the only path, no I am above and you are blow paradigms that separate us. None of that. Only wholeness and completeness. The foot doesn’t say to the arm I don’t need you or your irrelevant, so why should one religion or spiritual practice be deemed higher or better than the next?

I was brought up with Christian values, I have Jehovah’s Witness relatives yet from an early age I have extended myself to learn more about other religions than that of my own. I gained an A* GCSE in religious education because I learnt to objectively compare the differences and similarities between religions. Now I can appreciate all religions and happily integrate aspects of a variety of religions into my life.

 So what does that look like; well I have Christ values but I implement Buddhist philosophy, I pray and say God and end my prayers with amen but I also make reference to the universe, source and the like. I follow the lunar calendar like a Hindu and I’ve Tried fasting and praying at times to edify my soul like Muslims and Christians do from time to time.

In regards to other spiritual practices I welcome ancestors, guides and angels to watch over me.I study the celestial skies paying attention to astronomical phenomena and practice astrology and Tarot from time to time. I especially love integrating the knowledge I gain from astrology and tarot. I love how I take that knowledge and can integrate that knowledge into my life in a practical way as I create personalised written exercises around my discoveries.

On the whole, all of these combined take my practice to a whole different spiritual level. 
I am proof that education and not limiting yourself can infact benefit you on a spiritual level.

When writing setting my intention by opening with a prayer or breathing and meditating a few moments before I commence are two examples of how spiritual practices and rituals can be applied to anyone’s daily journal time.

There are so many spiritual practices and rituals to learn from which you can incorporate into your daily life and your writing practice. 

Whether it is a intuitive coach, a healer, shaman, life coach, holistic wellness practitioner, psychic, public speaker or yoga teacher. We all have a spiritual practice of some nature to embrace.

Writing Challenge:

What does spirituality mean to you?

What does it look like for you?

What spiritual practices or rituals do you currently have?

What spiritual practices or customs would you like to integrate into your current practices?

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